Bloomberg Identifies Washington as ‘Most Innovative State’

Bloomberg Identifies Washington as Most Innovative StateThe most innovative state in the country is not California but Washington. This is according to information compiled by media firm Bloomberg. Apparently, the presence of Google Inc, Apple Inc, and Stanford University was not enough to propel California to the top spot in the list. But for Washington, the presence of and Microsoft Corp was sufficient.

The criteria included percentage of local professionals who are focused in engineering and mathematics, science, technology, and the volume of patents and public patent technology. Those fields are represented by various companies in the state. Trailing closely behind Washington in the list are of course California and Massachusetts.

Microsoft and Amazon

Washington is most known for its rainy Seattle, which has high productivity rates, a large technology workforce, and numerous public firms in biotechnology aerospace, and computer technology. The state did not top any of the criteria set by Bloomberg in the study. But overall, it emerged to be in the No. 1 spot.

Some executives assert that Washington is better than other states in terms of the incredible network effect. According to them, the presence of Amazon and Microsoft in the area brings about ideal effects. There is also more than enough entrepreneurial talent in the state.

Technology firms comprise up to 21% of the state’s total public companies. In comparison, technology companies make up 29% of businesses in Massachusetts and California. California also topped the patent activity criteria, while five other states have greater number of skilled workers than Washington.

Benefits from engineering expertise

Many analysts think Washington still benefits from being the root of many engineering firms. It should be noted that major airplane manufacturer Boeing Co started in the state and kept its headquarters in Seattle until 2001. The company still maintains an extensive manufacturing facility in Puget Sound. Boeing was able to attract suppliers and skilled workers into the area, which served as foundation to the emergence of other companies and industries.

It also helps that Microsoft is in the area. Numerous computer engineers migrated into the state in the 1990s. Other technology firms followed suit, from publishing software PageMaker to video gaming firm Nintendo Co. Interestingly, many of the former executives and employees of such firms have also founded many local startups within and around Seattle. The presence of top engineers in the city has also attracted Facebook, Google, and to set up huge offices within the area.

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