Bloomberg blames Virginians for crime rate in NY City

Bloomberg blames Virginians for crime rate in NY CityNew York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now claiming the reasons for gun crimes is his city is because of Virginians and the federal government needs to pass gun control laws to prevent violent crime in his city.

Bloomberg founded the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns which has pushed for gun control laws in states that traditionally support the Second Amendment such as Colorado. During the recent legislative session in the state, Bloomberg’s group supported democratic lawmakers who passed a series of gun control laws in the state. The laws are now facing a lawsuit by the state’s sheriffs.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting New York quickly passed a gun control law that was among the strictest in the nation. The law was so strict that it even prohibited law enforcement officials from carrying the magazines they had been carrying for years. Embarrassed lawmakers had to go back and modify the law within days of its passage.

Despite the strict gun control laws which supporters claim reduce crime, violent crime in New York City is among the highest in the country. By contrast states such as Virginia and Arizona which have very few restrictions on the Second Amendment have significantly lower gun violence.

Despite these figures Bloomberg says the reason for the gun violence in his city is not the criminals themselves, rather it is guns sold in Virginia.

“Despite all we do to keep our city safe, we’re increasingly at the mercy of weak national gun laws and weak gun laws in other states,” Mr. Bloomberg said, according to The New York Post. “We have been attacking this problem from every angle, but we cannot do it alone.”

The mayor claimed that in 2011 guns from Virginia were used in 322 violent incidents and that guns from states other than New York were responsible for 90 percent of the city’s crimes that same year. However, the gun violence number also includes suicides, which inflates the numbers somewhat.

During a press conference at city hall calling for the federal government to override local and state laws on guns, Bloomberg called for a one size fits all approach to the issue where he singled out Virginia in particular saying it was to blame for gun violence committed against New Yorkers and that if they were to just change their laws to what New York wants the violent crime rates in the state would fall.

“Take Virginia,” he said. “That state requires no background checks for private sales and the legislature in that state even recently rolled back their state laws by stripping their one-gun-a-month purchase limit.”

Bloomberg did not offer an explanation why Virginia violent crime rates were not as high as or higher than that in New York if their lax laws were to blame.

Supporters of the Second Amendment have said Bloomberg is attempting to blame everyone for gun violence but the actual criminal. They went on to note that studies have consistently shown that states that are more welcoming to citizens carrying firearms have lower crime rates than those where gun possession by law-abiding citizens is restricted.

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