Blake And Gwen Want To Get Married, Gavin Rossdale Won’t Let Them – Here’s Why!

After the rumor went around that Blake Shelton has a huge surprise planned for Gwen Stefani for Valentine’s Day, many fans jumped to the conclusion that Blake intended to propose. However, even if Blake and Gwen really do want to get married soon, it won’t be possible – thanks to Gwen’s ex husband, Gavin Rossdale.

Technically, he isn’t actually Gwen’s ex husband yet – and that’s actually the problem here. Although Gwen and Gavin filed for divorce last year, Gavin has apparently been dragging out the paperwork and doing his best to ensure that the process is as long as it can be, which means Gwen is still tied down to him, technically speaking.

In addition to dragging out the paperwork, Gavin is still frequently seen wearing his wedding ring – it seems as though he isn’t ready to let Blake and Gwen find their happiness with each other just yet! “Gwen thinks he’s taunting her,” a source told In Touch. “It’s really screwing with her.”

The source went on to share how Blake and Gwen intended to deal with the problem, saying “Blake loves Gwen more than anything and he’s very protective. He hates that Gavin gets under her skin. Some guys would run the other way in this kind of situation. But seeing how it was getting to her, he recently made a surprising decision — to marry Gwen come hell or high water.”

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If the source is to be believed, Blake Shelton won’t be proposing on Valentine’s Day – he’s allegedly already done do, and Gwen Stefani has apparently said yes! Now, just that pesky issue of divorce from her previous husband to deal with.

According to Hollywood Life, Gavin Rossdale is believed to be dragging out the divorce for financial reasons and is trying to get as much money as he can from Gwen Stefani. However, Blake Shelton seems to be willing to wait for all the drama to get straightened out.

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The war is going to get uglier,” the aforementioned source explained. “She wants a life with Blake. This relationship with him is a huge turning point in Gwen’s life. But Gavin is standing in her way. Gwen’s friends are very, very worried about her mental and emotional well-being right now.”

Will Blake and Gwen get a happily ever after with each other? Or will Gavin’s attempts at thwarting his ex wife’s happiness work?

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