BlackBerry Z30 leaked alongside Z10 & Q5

BlackBerry Z30 leaked alongside Z10 & Q5-The BlackBerry Z30 is set to be the next BB10 flagship and the company is adding some height to the smartphone as it looks to compete against some top of the line Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices.

Before this new side-by-side leak, the BlackBerry Z30 has only been pictured in renders. Now we get a look at what BlackBerry’s next flagship device will change, it seems right now the size is the only main difference.

Instead of a 4.2-inch device, the BlackBerry Z30 will be a five-inch smartphone with a 720p OLED display. Like Windows Phone, BlackBerry is still behind on the screen display, with 1080p still in the future.

The smartphone will also contain a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon chipset, with 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Adreno GPU. This is almost the same as the BlackBerry Z10 specs; it seems the major difference is the size of this device.

We may see a new BB10 update come with the release of this smartphone too, 10.2 is expected to launch sometime this year alongside a new BlackBerry device, namely the Z30.

While the new update to the BB OS will not bring anything to significant, BlackBerry will be adding WiFi direct support and quick settings, accessible through a down-swipe gesture on the screen. Quick settings will work similar to how Android’s notification center does and we can see BlackBerry sticking to its all gesture OS.

BlackBerry Z30 leaked alongside Z10 & Q5

BlackBerry has done adequately well with the two new flagship devices, the BlackBerry Z10 sold around 1.5 million units and the BlackBerry Q10 sold a little over 2 million. This has not stopped questions being raised around the future of BlackBerry, helped on by the fact Lenovo has taken an interest in the Canadian based mobile maker.

The BlackBerry Q5 has helped the company keep afloat for Q3, although it is expected they will not make any profit this year on the mobile devices, unless the BlackBerry Z30 is a huge hit with consumers.

Two factors are needed for BlackBerry to get back into success in the mobile industry, we believe. First, they need to get more app developers, not porters, onto the ecosystem and have killer apps nobody can get elsewhere. BBM is coming to Android and iOS, this means BlackBerry has lost its real killer app.

Second, they need to create or add features on their devices no other manufacturer has, the keyboard is nice and we believe this is part of the reason the BlackBerry Q10 has sold more than the Z10, but as we passover to a full-screen world, BlackBerry will need to redefine the industry with an incredible new hardware feature no other manufacturer has developed.

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