BlackBerry Rolls Out Trade Up Program Offering $550 to iPhone Users to Switch to Passport

BlackBerry Rolls Out Trade Up Program Offering $550 to iPhone Users to Switch to PassportBlackBerry Limited is not a spent force. That may be the message it is sending across the aggressive strategies it has been rolling out lately. A few weeks ago, the Canadian smartphone maker has launched a new product that may set a new trend in devices—the BlackBerry Passport. Now, it is undergoing major marketing efforts to grab the market’s attention.

Part of its greater creativity in an attempt to gain back the market it has lost, the company has announced a trade-up program that would convince iPhone users to ditch their  smartphones and switch to BlackBerry Passport.

Of course, there is a big catch to this program. BlackBerry is making sure consumers would be more interested by offering them monetary rewards.

Trade-up program

The Trade-Up Program would handover $550 to iPhone users who would be willing to give up their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, or even iPhone 6 for the new BlackBerry  Passport. Payments would be coursed through Visa Prepaid Cards.

This interesting offer would run from December 1 until February 13, 2015. It is applicable only in the US and in Canada. In retailer Best Buy, the trade-up would be around $460 in exchange for the 128GB of iPhone 6. Other retailers may also have their own versions of the program.

BlackBerry Passport

So what could the consumers expect from this program? First, they can switch to a smartphone that boasts of the trademark physical keyboard where BlackBerry has always been known for. Second, they could be up to switch to a bigger device, with an odd-shape for a display. Third, they could enjoy what BlackBerry promises to be a better and wider productivity, the new and interesting features of the BlackBerry Passport.

For its part, BlackBerry Passport can easily be described as a promising new smartphone. That is because it has improved all the important features that BlackBerry users used to like in their BlackBerry devices. And as expected, it can do so much more. Plus, it has a bigger screen that facilitates more and better capabilities.

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