Blackberry partners with Amazon to gain access to app store

Blackberry partners with Amazon to gain access to app storeWhile Blackberry may not be doing so well in the market, the company is trying everything to get back in the smartphone race. In a recent move to revive itself, the company has partnered up with Amazon to bring apps from Amazon app store to Blackberry 10 devices. This means that BB10 users can take advantage of the thousands of app from the Amazon store, most of which are still not available on the Blackberry app store.

Blackberry’s app store is very small as compared to Apple and Google app stores. The company’s app store contains only around 130,000 apps which is way less than the 1 million apps on the Play Store and the iTunes store. So this partnership with Amazon would bring around double the number of apps including new ones which were not previously available.

Currently, Amazon’s app store boasts of around 240,000 apps. So, adding all of Amazon’s apps would make around 370,000 apps available to BB10 users. These include famous apps like Netflix, Candy Crush, and even Pinterest which were not previously available to BB10 customers.

The number of Blackberry phones in the market is miniscule as compared to other manufacturers. Moreover, the market share is less than 1 percent. As a result, developers do not have the kind of incentive as they do for other operating systems. So, the development of Blackberry’s ecosystem is very slow and the company has to actually reach out to developers to persuade them to create apps for the OS. Hence, partnership with Amazon is good news for both the company as well as the customers.

But this is not the first time BB has tried to bring apps from other ecosystems to their customers. The company had tried a similar strategy around a year back. Blackberry offered support for Android apps on its operating system, however downloading and installing the app was a difficult process which made this process rather useless.

However, things are different with Amazon apps as the company revealed later that it will preload the apps store on the latest BB10 devices. This will make downloading and installing these apps as easy as the regular app store. So, BB10 users will definitely be happy with this collaboration.

However, it’s quite unlikely that this deal would change the fate of Blackberry. The company has showcased two new devices, both QWERTY style and based on the old design profile of the company. Given that the company is going back to its old ways to sell its smartphones, it would be interesting to see whether there’s a market for these kinds of QWERTY devices.

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