BlackBerry For Sale: Potential Buyers

BlackBerry For Sale Potential BuyersBlackBerry officially announced they had set up a committee to start looking at alternative strategies for the company, including the possibility of selling the firm. This has been rumored before, but BlackBerry has always denied claims they are for sale.

Now with the official announcement, names are being drawn with every idea from analysts on why X company would want to purchase BlackBerry. The three most current companies are Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon; surprisingly Lenovo was left out of the possible companies list.

Microsoft may be looking for a new hardware partner, considering their hardware division is pretty small and does not cover the Windows Phone at the market. This would mean full integration with the Windows platform, essentially destroying the whole of BlackBerry.

Next is Samsung, who could work with the BlackBerry 10 OS on top of Android, Windows Phone and Tizen OS. The problem is Samsung does not seem interested in BlackBerry, the company said they would not build a BlackBerry phone and we cannot see a fourth operating system being attractive.

Amazon is an odd competitor and one we doubt has any real enthusiasm on BlackBerry, however, Jeff Bezos, the CEO and Chairman, does love to buy failing companies. The Washington Post is a clear example of this and Bezos knows how to redesign and create something new from the old and tacky.

Perhaps Lenovo is the best bet for a takeover; the Chinese company wants a new platform, with Android not working for the company in the US and ZTE defeating the company in Asia on sales. Lenovo also needs a real mobile business partner, with the company currently still invested in laptops and tablets.

There are other options available, including the move to go private with the company and possibly drop out of the hardware business. BlackBerry would then license its OS and services to different manufacturers and would sell services on its applications.

It may be hard for the company to go private and like Dell we may see a bidder step into the spotlight. BlackBerry was once worth about $85 billion in market valuation, now it has slumped to about $5 billion, with mobile market share dropping from 45% to 5% in five years.

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