BlackBerry Dismisses Allegations that It is Behind Fake Users’ Reviews for BBM for Android

Behind Fake Users’ Reviews for BBM for AndroidWhen BBM for iOS and Android versions were rolled out earlier this week, BlackBerry Ltd was overwhelmed when the apps generated a total of over 10 million downloads within the first 24 hours. In the days that followed, many reviews were posted particularly on Google Play, where BBM for Android is now one of the most popular downloads.

There could have been nothing unusual about it until some netizens noticed that many of the positive and raving reviews seem to come from the same people. Many experts said they could not go wrong about their assessment that most of those reviews were not really from actual users. They think that most of those reviews were posted by a single party.

So who could be the culprit? BlackBerry is quick to deny that it is behind those fake reviews. In a statement the company just released today, it said it is already aware of the existence of those possibly fake reviews particularly for BBM for Android that are posted on Google Play.

Not from BlackBerry PR

The company assured everyone that it has nothing to do with the supposed anomaly. It added that it has a policy not to tolerate or participate in such desperate activities. The Canadian smartphone maker also pointed out that many of the good reviews for the new app are genuine and are useful. In the end, it encouraged its fans and users to provide only honest assessments about their BBM experiences.

Anyone could instantly infer that BBM for Android is an overwhelmingly excellent new app if he would not pay more attention to how the reviews are written. Many of those five-star reviews for the new BBM app are obviously not genuinely from actual users. That is because some of them are unusually effusive, while others are badly written. Moreover, many of those have similar content and even wording.

Misleading reviews

What could such numerous positive reviews do to a new app like BBM for Android? While those may not affect the app in any way, the fake reviews could be misleading and could further boost ratings for the product. But at the same time, those could backfire to the app, just like how those do now.

In comparison, there are only a handful of five-star reviews for BBM for iOS. However, some analysts argue that this could be because users are still yet to overcome problems regarding the new iOS 7. There have been persistent reports that the new system incurs app crashes, inability to activate, and slow response.

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