Best Google April Fool Pranks of 2014

Google has a tradition of pranking users with new and innovative April fool pranks. This year too, the company continued the traditional and it mocked many unsuspecting users with its weird and funny pranks.

Some of the best pranks by Google this year include Pokémon challenge, total temperature control from NEST, Google plus photo bombs and Interplanetary Google Adsense reports. These pranks are explained in detail as under.

Google Pokémon Challenge:

Google Pokémon challenge is one of the best interactive pranks by the company till date. On April 1st, the Google Maps team posted about this Pokémon challenge which asked all Pokémon masters to find game characters in their Google Maps app on Android and iOS. Users had to collect the Pokémon characters from the game who would be seen roaming around the vicinity in the map.

Total Temperature Control from NEST:

Although this was not directly from Google, total temperature control from NEST is a pretty funny idea. According to NEST, they have partnered up with Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic, for implementation of the total temperature control technology on the airlines. It allows a customer to control the temperature on their seats individually, so anyone who wants to enjoy a warm tropical climate or a cold Arctic one can do so without disturbing others.

WazeDates by Waze:

Google’s yet another acquisition; Waze came up with a pretty neat idea of dating on the go. The new service called Wazedate allows users to connect with passerby’s whom they would like to date, while driving. The overall video explains this feature pretty seriously, which makes the idea all the more funny.

Google Adsense Interplanetary Reports:

The Google Plus post on the official AdSense page announced this new feature which offers insight on Ad impressions and revenue coming from places beyond Earth. So, revenue is no longer restricted to Earth as impressions from other planets as well as the moon form a part of the report.

“With our recent discovery of the interplanetary IP address repository, you’ll have access to even more reports that can help you improve user engagement on your site,” said the announcement on the website.

Google Plus Photobombs:

Anyone who loves celebrities would have had a great time uploading pictures on Google Plus this Tuesday morning. The official Google Plus account made an announcement at midnight on April 1st about a new feature called Google PhotoBombs with David Hasselhoff. So, users who uploaded photos on the website that day would have seen surprise appearance by Hasselhoff on their images.

Although this year Google came up with some great ideas like Pokémon challenge and photobombs by Hasslehoff, some of the pranks of the past are hard to beat. For example, April fool pranks such as Gmail Motion or Google Nose will always be one of the all-time favorites of users.


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