Benchmark Comparison: HTC One M9 vs S6 and iPhone 6

Benchmark Comparison: HTC One M9 vs S6 vs iPhone 6

In a recent comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, and the Apple iPhone 6, interesting things were revealed. First of all, the processors under the hood of these three phones are quite different. The HTC One M9 is powered by Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset to date, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. On the other hand, the Samsung flagship features the company’s greatest Exynos chip yet, and the Apple iPhone 6 comes with the Cupertino giant’s powerful Apple A8 chip.

In the single core Geekbench test, the Apple iPhone 6 came out on top of these three phones easily. The Apple device scores a total of 1630 points as compared to the 1430 points scored by the new Galaxy S6.  The Snapdragon 810 powered HTC One M9 was nowhere in the picture, as it scored just about 888 points in the test.

Things got a little better for HTC in the multi-score test, as the Galaxy S6 took the lead with over 5000 points, followed by HTC One M9 with over 3899 points. The Apple iPhone 6 managed to score only about 2927 points, which is even lower than the Note 4. Even in the AnTuTu benchmark test, the S6 took the lead with over 69,000 points. The One M9 followed the S6 by scoring just above 56,690 points.

Things take a further turn when it comes to graphics performance. The new HTC flagship managed to impress everyone in this category by scoring well above Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6. In the GFXBench Manhattan off screen test, the HTC device managed to get about 24 points, followed by the S6 at 19, and the iPhone 6 at 17.8. Even in the T-Rex HD On Screen test, the HTC One M9 came out as the winner with 50 points followed by the  iPhone 6 at 48.9 points.

As you can see, the graphic performance on the new HTC flagship is much better than competitors probably due to the low power consuming full HD 1080p display instead of the Quad HD one of the Samsung device. Still, real life performance will differ upon the kind of apps and features installed on these devices.

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