Belkin Launches New iPad Accessories Ahead of the Holiday Shopping Season

Belkin Launches iPad Accessories Ahead of the Holiday SeasonWith the launch of new iPad models this month, it is not surprising that new accessories for the Apple Inc tablets are surfacing. The introduction of iPad Air paved the way for the redesign and revamp of most iPad accessories that are currently popular. This is quite logical: current accessories may not fit iPad Air perfectly as the device has thinner dimension compared to its predecessor.

Logitech was quick to announce its new and updated lineup of iPad accessories. Of course, Belkin would not get left behind. The company has introduced its new accessories that are specifically for the new iPad Air and iPad mini. Most of the new Belkin iPad accessories would be up for pre-order beginning Friday (November 1).

New keyboard cases

There are three iPad Air keyboards that are actually revamped versions under the banner ‘Qode.’ The first is the Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case that obviously looks like an updated model of Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case. Its aluminum case facilitates three viewing angles, the TruType keys, and battery life of up to 264 hours. The price tag is at $129.99.

The Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case also features an aluminum casing and TruType keys. However, it comes with a design that looks more like Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. The battery life is also shorter at 79 hours. Price tag is at $99.99.

The Qode Slim Style Keyboard Case is the cheapest of the three at $79.99. It features a folio-style design as well as TruType keys. The keyboard could be tucked under iPad to facilitate flat-touch screen mode. It is also the most colorful of the three as it comes in sorbet, topaz, or purple.

New cases

At the same time, Belkin also unveiled new cases for iPad Air as well as for iPad mini. There are 10 new cases in the slate, all designed to provide cover and various purposes. Prices range between $39.99 and $89.99. The iPad mini accessories would immediately be available in the market but the iPad Air accessories would be shipped by November to December.

One of the most notable of these new cases is the Apex 360 Advanced Protection Case. That is because the accessory is designed and manufactured to overcome even the six-foot military drop test. All other covers in the new slate feature ‘ComfortForm’ or ‘stylish quilted designs’ that comprise of form-fitting materials.

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