Becky Watts Stepbrother Guilty Of Her Brutal Murder; Judge Cries As He Gives The Sentence

The victim, Becky Watts. Screen capture c/o Youtube.

Last Friday, Judge Justice Dingemans was in tears as he received the verdict and handed down the sentence for the two people responsible for killing 16-year-old Becky Watts – Nathan Matthews, the victim’s stepbrother, 28, and his girlfriend, Shauna Hoare, 21.

Young Becky Watts had disappeared from her home in February of this year. The case was at first treated as a missing persons case as the reality of what had become of Becky was still unknown. In the months that followed, the truth has been revealed and we learn of the harrowing experience that led to Becky’s gruesome death at the hands of Matthews and Hoare.

After Becky was reported missing on February 20th, 2015, Matthews and Hoare underwent a lot of effort to keep their actions from being found out. Darren Galsworthy, Becky Watts’ father, shares that the pair sat callously and watched as he went mad with anguish and worry over his missing daughter, all the while Matthews and Hoare knew the truth – Becky was dead and it was by their own hands.

In what is believed to be a sexually-motivated crime, Matthews and Hoare planned to kidnap Becky and bring the teenage girl back to their attic to become their “sexual plaything”. Exchanges of text messages between Matthews and his girlfriend showed that this was not the first time they’d entertained the idea of kidnapping a young girl for sexual reasons.

Matthews and Hoare had a history of frequently made joking remarks about kidnapping a “pretty schoolgirl” in order to satisfy their twisted sexual desires. It was also discovered that the couple regularly watched “borderline legal” pornography featuring petite teenage girls and also possessed a video of a teenage girl being raped on a laptop that was found in their home. Their sense of right and wrong became desensitized and tragically for Becky Watts, Matthews and Hoare’s sick jokes became a reality with Becky as their victim.

Matthews and Hoare had suffocated Becky Watts to death in her own bedroom and then cruelly shoved her body in to the trunk of their car, taking the girl’s lifeless body to the home that the couple shared. The couple had gone to extreme measures to cover up their tracks and also took from Becky’s room her phone, laptop and tablet to throw off suspicion and in hopes of making it look like the girl had simply ran away from home.

The day after  murdering Becky, Matthews proceeded to put his stepsister’s body in his bathtub and sliced the victim up with a circular saw. After the brutal murder and dismemberment, Becky Watts’ remains were then put into suitcases and a storage box and were discovered by the police in a garden shed on March 3rd, less than two weeks after the girl’s disappearance.

Just one day after the police discovered Becky’s body parts, Matthews was arrested for her murder after his bloody fingerprint was found in her room. writing a confession in which he claimed to have ambushed Becky to “scare her” and “make her more appreciative of life”, but that his mask slipped and he strangled her. Throughout the trial that followed, five others were charged with assisting an offender, although not all of the charges would stick. Though initially only charged with perversion of justice, on June 22nd evidence surfaced that led to Hoare being charged for Becky Watts’ murder as well.

Matthews and Hoare, convicted for the death of Becky Watts. Screen capture c/o Youtube.

Matthews and Hoare, convicted for the death of Becky Watts. Screen capture c/o Youtube.

While describing the cruel nature of Becky’s murder, Judge Dingemans told the court “There were stab wounds, inflicted after death, on Becky’s stomach, one of which was a very deep and jagged wound. There were wounds around her neck, which might have been inflicted before or after death, apparently inflicted by a screwdriver. Becky’s body had been stripped before being dismembered.”

Although he admitted to being responsible for Becky Watts’ death, Matthews still maintains that it was unintentional in what he claims was a kidnapping prank gone wrong, and simultaneously maintains that he acted alone without the aid of girlfriend. As the trial came to a conclusion, however, Matthews was handed a guilty verdict for the pre-meditated murder of his stepsister and Hoare was found guilty of manslaughter. In addition, both were found guilty of conspiracy to commit false imprisonment of Becky Watts, preventing legal burial, and possession of an illegal weapon.

Unrelated the the death of Becky Watts, Matthews and Hoare were also charged with four counts of making indecent images of children. Also unrelated, Matthews alone was charged with sexual assault and voyeurism.

After the verdict was given, Nathan Matthews was handed a minimum sentence of 33 years and his partner in crime, Shauna Hoare, was given 17 years of imprisonment.

While handing down the sentence, Judge Dingemans himself was reduced to tears as he said, “Finally I should like to pay public tribute to the family of Becky for the dignified way in which they have conducted themselves throughout these proceedings… Hearing the evidence during the trial has been difficult for anyone but it is plain that it has been an immense burden for the family.”

In a victim impact statement read to Bristol Crown Court on the day of the sentencing, Becky’s father said “When I close my eyes to sleep I see Becky’s death over and over again. I hear her cry and see her terror, and then her realization they are not going to stop. I feel her heart racing and I am all too powerless to help her. Becky was so small and fragile she never stood a chance.”

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