Beats Music App Comes to iOS and Android Devices

Beats Music App Comes to iOS and Android DevicesTypical iOS and Android devices serve as a portable music player through several apps. If you think there are already more than enough of those music playing apps available in the market, you should make room for one more. Beats, the headphones brand, has launched its own streaming music service and that app is now on your favorite devices.

Beats Music app has come to iOS and Android. For a start, it promises to provide instant access to a customary selection comprising of up to 20 million tracks. It may not be used for free, though. Users would have to shoulder a monthly subscription price of $9.99 to download and use the app.

At one glance, the new music streaming app may seem like a new competitor for All Access and Spotify. But according to most reviewers, Beats Music app somehow resembles Pandora in terms of user interface and basic features. However, it should be noted that in Beats Music app, the playlist is broader and the offline caching is also useful.

Main features

As mentioned, the main come-on for the new music app would have to be its interesting and useful interface. There could be several easy ways to choose tracks that are strategically arranged in easy-to-scroll tabs. Of course, there is a search function to make life easier. But there is also a navigation menu to search music faster. Thus, users could dive in and listen to algorithmically chosen tracks through several ways.

What makes Beats Music standout compared to the rest is that it facilitates easier and faster use of the playlist. It may just take a few seconds to do so. Moreover, the music selection is also quite impressive. Some reviewers just note that it seems that Beat is reliable at choosing song selections in specific genres, but not in some.

Specific tabs are most useful. Just For You tab features recommended tracks based on preferences and genres. Highlights bring about general mix of currently popular music, while Find It creates a genre-based playlist. The Sentence facilitates choosing of feeling, activity, group, or genre.

The user interface is very responsive on the two platforms. There is the standard basic vibe. However, the app seems not to have any lock screen and playback control features on Android. Beats Music app is also available for free through a 7-day trial.

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