BBM 2.0 update brings Voice Calling, BBM Channels and new Emoticons to all platforms

After several rumors which suggested that plenty of new features were going to be added to BBM in the coming days, Blackberry has finally rolled out the expected update to iOS and Android users. The BBM 2.0 version update brings some new features like BBM Channels, new set of emoticons, Voice calling etc. to users across both the platforms.

One of the most interesting addition to the messenger is voice calling. With this update, users can call other BBM users via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The user can place calls via a VOIP connection to any user in his/ her friends list having a green icon besides their name. This works just like Skype for Android and iOS.

Another interesting new feature is the BBM Channels. While this feature was already available for Blackberry users, BBM 2.0 brings this functionality to all iOS and Android users, thereby making the feature cross
platform. BBM Channels, simply put, are group chats which are based around a particular product, service or theme. Users can interact in a message board style of chat with other users and can discuss on plenty of related matters. This feature will particularly interest brands in the market who would like to engage with the users.

BBM 2.0 also integrates dropbox, which means users can directly send documents and other stuff to their friends without having to download it to their smartphone.  Also new is a feature called Glympse which allows users to send their locations to their friends, like the location sharing feature found in Whatsapp. However, the difference here is that the user can time the location sharing, meaning, he can set it up for say 20 minutes after which the sharing will stop. Apart from these major additions, there are minor ones too like the 100 new emoticons for text chat and the new shortcuts to add photos, videos and files into chat. Even the maximum limit for group chats has been increased to 50.

Overall, BBM 2.0 looks like a significant update to the cross messaging platform from Blackberry. However, the company has not yet revealed anything in terms of user adoption of this messenger or how well it is
doing. Given that the company is still supporting it and adding new and relevant features to the app, there’s a very good chance that Blackberry will see some growth in the number of users having BBM on their phones in the coming days.

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