Basis announces Peak smartwatch, its first wearable after Intel’s acquisition

Basis announces Peak smartwatch, its first wearable after Intel's acquisitionBack in February, we heard that Basis, the wearable company based in San Francisco was looking for a buyer. It was said that the company had approached many tech giants like Google and Samsung for a sale, but eventually in March it announced that Intel was going to take over the company.

At the time of acquisition, Intel assured that Basis would continue to release wearable devices in the market. And as promised, Basis has released its first wearable after Intel’s purchase called as the Basis Peak.

The Peak would be more of a smartwatch rather just being fitness wearable unlike the first generation B1. It carries over many of the technologies found on the B1 and adds a lot more functionality and accuracy to the device.

Peak comes with a number of sensors to monitor essential factors like heartbeat, motion, perspiration, skin temperature and ambient temperature. While these sensors were already available on the first generation, Basis has improved the overall sensor design in the new product to make it more accurate. For example, the new Basis Peak would be able to track heart rate more accurately during an exercise than before.

Peak can even display notifications from your smartphone, which makes it a true smartwatch. However, as of now, Basis has not yet explained how they plan to do this.

Unlike the first version, Basis B1, the new Peak comes with a metal body instead of a plastic one. The screen is bigger and the contrast is higher, which makes the overall touchscreen display easier to work with, even in outdoors. It also waterproof to the extent that you can go swimming with the device on your wrists.

With the help of the inbuilt sensors, Peak will be able to track what kind of activity the user is carrying out and can collect useful data about the health of the individual. You can even monitor your sleeping patterns as it can tell how well you slept at night.

The best thing about the device is probably its battery life. Unlike other wearables which don’t even last for an entire day, the Basis Peak lasts for at least four to five days. This means, you can charge it once a week and you are good to go. What’s even more interesting is that Basis says that the battery will charge completely in about two hours.

Battery life will definitely set the Peak apart from the variety of other smartwatches available in the market. It not even too costly as compared to other wearables as it will retail for just $199. You get two colors to choose from, namely matte black and brushed silver.

Basis Peak will be available starting November from select stores like Amazon and Best Buy. The company plans to expand its availability to Canada and UK by the coming holidays.

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