Baseball Hall Of Fame 2017: What You Need To Know About Ivan Rodriguez, Jeff Bagwell And Tim Raines

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Baseball Hall | Baseball Hall of Famers elected for 2017. Photo Credit: Twitter/Baseball Hall

The announcement of the Hall of Famers happened on Wednesday and it shocked everyone.  It is because it included players linked to performance-enhancing drugs.  It is the first time in history that they commended players using steroids.  The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame vote included Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, and Ivan Rodriguez.  It also included significant gains for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  First baseman Bagwell plays for the Houston Astros, star lead-off hitter Raines plays for the Montreal Expos, and second catcher Rodriguez, who plays for the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers.  

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Raines got elected for the 11th time this year, but falls short of the votes needed.  He says it was the worst night of his life.  He only scored 3882 out of 480.  This is Raine’s final year of eligibility.  Bagwell only got 86.2 percent.  Players need 332 votes, and luckily for Rodriguez, he got 336.  That means, he’s the only one who made it among the three of them, reports The New York Times.  Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, on the other hand, received 54.1% and 53.8% respectively.  These votes came from the Baseball Writer’s Association America.  With these figures, they will remain in the Hall of Fame for five years.  That is, despite using performance-enhancing drugs, reports The Wall Street Journal.  

This sudden shift of point of perspective from the electorate is mind boggling.  Historically, they reject PED users as soon as they acquired evidence.  But, now it seems that it no longer matters.  The argument regarding PED users as part of the Hall of Fame will continue in the coming years.  It is best to purge players out to maintain the integrity of American Baseball as a pure physical sport.  That way, it assures the people that who they vouch for, are true role models for the coming generations.  

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