Baby Doe Murder Case: Killer Sentenced To Life In Prison

A supposed baby shower turned into a crime scene. Image source: Creative Commons / Flickr

Joseph Amoroso, the father of 2-year old Bella Bond, also known as ‘Baby Doe,’ couldn’t help but get emotional as he took the stand before the conviction of Michael MacCarthy. The 2015 murder case was put to a close with McCarthy being sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years.

In a video from CBS News, we hear Joseph Amoroso saying that “Bella was a gift from God whose life was cut short at such a young age.” He added, “but Bella was, still is and always will be in my heart and soul.”

The father was deprived of being a father to his child when she was murdered back in 2015. Her body was found washed up on a Boston beach. She was first identified as ‘Baby Doe’ and it took 3 months before her identity was revealed.

Michael McCarthy was convicted of second-degree murder in Suffolk Superior Court just last Wednesday morning, CBS Boston reports. McCarthy will serve his sentence at Cedar Junction Correctional facility in Walpole.

The report from CBS also states that McCarthy killed Bella because he believed she was a ‘demon.’ McCarthy’s lawyers even claimed that the girl’s mother, Rachelle Bond, was the one who killed her daughter. The defense also claims that Rachelle held bizarre occult beliefs.

Rachelle also stood as the star witness for the prosecution during the trial. She claims to have seen McCarthy kill Bella one night after the 2-year old refused to go to bed. Rachelle was supposed to be sentenced this Tuesday but it was delayed to July 12 instead.

Both Rachelle and McCarthy were arrested back in 2015, 3 months after the discovery of Bella. Michael was convicted of killing the innocent child but Rachelle was accused of being an accessory to the crime by helping McCarthy dispose of the body.

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