AVG Security: Android WebView May Pave the Way for Hackers’ Attacks

Android WebView May Pave the Way for Hackers’ AttacksNot many people are aware about the possible risks of using WebView, an Android OS feature that displays Web pages in compatible devices. According to AVG Security, that feature could serve as a possible entry point for hackers’ attack on any Android gadget.

The security vendor warned that apps operating on Android 4.1 and older could give hackers the free passage to gain access to an Android OS device. Those systems with ‘addJavascriptinterface’ may also be at risk.

The vulnerability may make many Android apps as attractive pipelines into users’ smartphones or tablets, according to AVG Security. It may pave the way for unauthorized or unexpected installation of malicious software.

There is greater risk because WebView could enable any user to view any Web page or Web app. It could also be utilized to facilitate interaction with many other malicious Web pages.

Malware attack

Users would be automatically infected upon clicking on the URL link using vulnerable application, which in turn allows opening of a Java enabled Web page or browser. When that happens, the device is expected to instantly perform the malicious and unnecessary actions that were ordered by the malicious Web page containing the unlikely JavaScript commands.

Thus, AVG is advising Android device users to refrain from downloading suspicious and unfamiliar mobile apps. Consumers should be more discerning and careful when downloading programs from third-party providers across the market. Moreover, it would still be effective to avoid clicking any suspicious link that may come from strangers and obviously compromised email messages.

Google’s Android

This should be a significant warning especially because Android is currently the most used mobile operating system worldwide. According to latest estimates, the operating system could account for up to 75% or more of the total smartphone users in the world.

It is also noteworthy that since its developer, Google Inc., has decided to make it a free software, Android is widely adopted by a great number of device manufacturers. Most smartphone brands today have their respective Android phone models, except of course for Apple Inc, which is exclusive to its very own iOS.

Before AVG’s warnings, there have been many other studies that reiterated the possible vulnerability of Android to hacking and attacks. Google is yet to release any statement regarding this issue. In the meantime, Android users should be more careful when downloading and using apps. They should also be more discerning when opening sites and links.

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