Avatar to Release three sequels in 2016

Avatar to Release three sequels in 2016Production is scheduled to begin in 2014 on three sequels to the popular film Avatar, to be released simultaneously in theaters beginning December of 2016.

Fans of the first movie Avatar have been long awaiting a sequel to this stunningly visual and captivating film. Though the first film released in 2009, followers of Avatar will now be rewarded with three sequels releasing simultaneously beginning in December of 2016. The original Avatar is the highest-grossing film in history with final global sales reaching $2.78 billion dollars.

James Cameron’s new Avatar project will also be enlisting the help of a writing team that will include ‘War of the World’s’ Josh Friedman, Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa responsible for the hit film ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Savages’ Shane Salerno. Cameron and producers 20th Century Fox released the exciting news of the sequels and team with an exciting future for this infamous film.

The first of these sequels will in yearly in December of 2016, 2017 and finally 2018 to wrap up this Avatar series. Cameron issued a statement to fans that the introduction of this new team of writing giants has brought more depth to the Avatar characters and world, expanding on what was already one the most captivating worlds to come out of a film. Cameron also implied that the team will assist in expanding this storylines universe giving fans must to look forward to in the productions.

20th Century Fox Chairman Jim Gianopy added that the Avatar productions have first priority and primary focus at the studios as the world anticipates more of this amazing world created by Cameron.

The original storyline in Avatar introduced audiences to a unique race and world beyond imagination. The natives to Pandora, called the Na-vi are a humanoid race living in complete harmony with the planets living surroundings. Facing plant devastation from human construction a conflict between the consuming life of humans and the Na-vi ensues, ending with an epic battle.

Avatar held a captivate audience of billions and hopes are high from all involved that the three sequels will continue to immerse audiences into the exploration of a fantasy world unlike no other. The sequels begin production in 2014 and Cameron is slated to embark on a pioneer project, shooting some of the footage for the films 6.8 miles beneath the ocean.

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