Australian Woman Finds Frog In Coles Salad

PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/llatina | Screen grab of a video posted by Linda Latinaa showing a live frog in her sald, she bought from Coles. Image taken from Facebook/llatina

This is not the first time that consumers have discovered creatures inside their bags of supermarket goodies. However, after the case of maggots in roasted chicken, comes a new Coles food discovery. An Australian woman found a frog in her salad packet. The woman named Linda Latina is from Melbourne, Victoria.

Linda purchased the salad bag from Coles and kept it in the fridge for several days. However, she opened the bag one day and put the contents in a strainer for washing. She noticed something among the lettuce, only to realize it was a frog. At first, the Melbourne woman thought that the frog was a dead one. She was all the more surprised to see it alive.

An article in Herald Sun states that the experience shocked her. She wrote a lengthy post on Coles’ Facebook page, seeking some quick answers from the supermarket giant. “I’m very appalled with the situation after the recent break out of (salmonella) from packaged lettuce, “she said in her post. You would think that the produce would be triple checked prior to being released to the store,”she continued. “I expect an explanation as to how this has happened and how you plan to remedy this so it doesn’t happen again. I’m happy to be able to have rescued the frog but am still pretty disgusted at what’s just happened,” she added.

Frog in Coles

Screen grab of the post written by Linda Latinaa on Coles’ Facebook page. Image taken from

Coles’ response

An article in 9News informs that both the Australian supermarket giants, Coles and Woolworths have been under spotlight as they had to recall several of their products. The recall came after 28 people got infected with salmonella from their bags of lettuce. An article in Starts at 60 states that the company has responded to Linda’s post.

Coles has asked her to tell them the store from which she got her bag of lettuce. Coles also asked her to share photos of the barcode, best before date, any other information on the packaging and her contact numbers. A Coles spokesperson revealed that the supermarket has set quality control processes to prevent such situations. However, should they be dissatisfied with any of their purchase, they can return it for a refund or a replacement.

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