AT&T HTC One M8 gets the Extreme Power Saving Mode update

AT&T HTC One M8 gets the Extreme Power Saving Mode updateHTC One M8 is already available for purchase in US and it comes with plenty of hardware and software features to keep fans excited. One of the focused features of the device was the Extreme Power Saving mode, but for some reason, HTC could not load up the software onto the device when the device made it to the market. However, a few weeks back, the company assured that carrier branded HTC One M8’s in the country would receive the special mode via an OTA update.

Looks like the update has finally arrived as many HTC One M8 users are reporting an update notification, which once installed brings this special power saving mode to the device. EPS was already available in phones released outside US and it was only AT&T and other carrier branded models that didn’t come with the feature out of the box.

Sprint HTC One M8 users were the first ones to receive the update a few weeks back, so AT&T users would finally be relieved to see that they are getting the update too. As the name suggests, Extreme Power Saving mode is meant for making the battery last long and is ideal when the device is low on charge.

In the normal mode, the device would concentrate on performance rather than battery and this can drain the battery pretty fast. Once the user activates this Extreme Power Saving mode, the device will turn off power hungry applications and would just run with basic functionality. So, the device will freeze the power hungry applications in the background and will run them only when prompted.

For example, if there’s a messaging app that’s draining a lot of battery, the device will smartly freeze it in the background. Only basic functions like calls and text messages would be running and rest all would be kept quite in the background. Users will get the notifications and messages only when the app is opened manually. This mode can come in handy when HTC One is running out of juice and you have no way to charge it anytime soon.

HTC claims this particular mode will increase the battery life up to 40%, but that’s just a claim and the actual performance of the phone in this mode will only be known after testing it out personally. Samsung has a similar Ultra Saving Mode (USM) which can add 24 more hours to the remaining 10% battery.

So, fans can finally see whether HTC’s Extreme Power Saving mode is as good as Samsung’s USM.

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