AT&T Finally Makes Its Off-Contract Plans more Affordable

ATT Off-Contract Plans AffordableFor quite some time now, many of AT&T’s Next subscribers have been complaining about the company’s failure to offer discounts for skipping contracts and paying the full price tags to buy handsets. It seems like the wireless carrier has finally listened to them.

AT&T has announced that beginning Sunday (December 8); off-contract customers would see the company’s service more affordable. The new service dubbed as Mobile Share Value Plans would provide up to $15 in monthly savings to Next upgrade plan customers who prefer to take subscriptions without any contract.

The new plan would be offered to users who opt to buy phones at full prices, those who bring their compatible handsets to the network, and those who have already finished their subscription contracts. Moreover, it would also target customers who are covered by the Next early upgrade plan.

Better deal for customers

Users of Mobile Share Value Plans would not just save on service fees monthly. They would also be able to select data plans that may range from about 300MB to 50MB each month. Users who prefer to take 2GB data plans would shoulder $80 monthly instead of the usual rate of $95 for the service.

In a released statement, AT&T assured that the new Mobile Share Value Plans would help its customers avoid any compromise. The no-contract option would allow the network’s customers to add a new smartphone to the company’s reliable and fast 4G LTE network for a lower monthly expense. The company said this is its way of bringing its customers greater value and premium network. Users would soon save more as they subscribe for unlimited calls, text, and data usage.

Retained impressive features

Moreover, the usual features of Mobile Share Value would remain the same. Those would still include the capability for data sharing on 10 devices at most, unlimited calls and texts, and access to the company’s nationwide Wi-Fi services. AT&T would also add an option to buy an additional basic phone for just $20 monthly and a tablet for as low as $10 monthly.

AT&T Next customers would also be offered another option. Currently, they could upgrade after a year. Soon, they could opt to upgrade after 18 months especially if they think they are not yet ready to take a new smartphone. This also means that customers could enjoy lower monthly payments longer.

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