AT&T drops the Nokia Lumia 1020 price to $199 on two year contract

nokia-lumia-1020After the unveiling of the Lumia 1020 by Nokia, many were saddened at the idea of paying $299 on a two year contract for the Windows Phone 8 device, especially when there are other viable options on Android that come at a cheaper price.

Sales have been pegged as modest by most individuals, leading us to believe there could be a little trample on the suspected sales Nokia was hoping to get with the new flagship smartphone, targeted at big photo takers.

The two main reasons for this downturn in buyers are the Nokia Lumia 1020 comes at $299 and the Windows Phone 8 platform is still foreign to some buyers, despite its ease of use. The platform has yet to get full integration with most the top applications, making some big app users put off by the prospects of keeping the phone as their daily driver.

Nokia Lumia 1020 was well received by most reviewers, touting the excellent camera developed by Nokia and the incredible premium build we are used to seeing with Lumia devices. Some nags were the lack of core apps, like Instagram and the Windows Phone 8 platform is still further behind in terms of innovation, still without quad-core or 1080p screen support.

AT&T has lowered the price to $199 to fit with most other flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S4, HTC One and iPhone 5. AT&T is currently only offering the cheaper price to some markets, including Florida and a few other Southeastern markets.

This is currently a limited time offer, but it seems like AT&T is just trying to get rid of inventory on the Nokia Lumia 1020. With the purchase AT&T is offering a $60 buy in rebate, essentially allowing the user to pick up the back grip for free.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the AT&T offer goes national to every market, giving it is not really an offer but just the realization the Nokia Lumia 1020 cannot sell if it is $100 above the competition and on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

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