Asus Padfone X visits FCC, coming to AT&T soon

Asus’s famous Padfone lineup will soon see a new addition namely the Padfone X. While the exact availability of the upcoming Asus Padfone X is still unknown, a recent FCC filing can be considered as an indicator that the device will hit the US markets soon. AT&T will be the first network to sell the device and it has already teased customers with a tweet which may mean that the device could arrive pretty soon.

Asus Padfone X was showcased back in January at CES 2014 and the company revealed some of its features at the event. Like its predecessors, Padfone X will be a smartphone/tablet hybrid. Padfone is basically a powerful smartphone, but when it’s docked to a tablet station which comes with the device, it transforms into a powerful tablet.

The specification of the device is similar to the recently launched Padfone Infinity. So, it would come with a Quad Core Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory and Android 4.4. On the front, there is a 5 inch Full HD 1080p screen.

As one can see, the device comes with top of the line specifications, found only in flagship devices, however it gives its customers the option to transform into a large screen tablet by docking into the supplied station.

Unlike previous generations which had either a 10.1 inch or a 7 inch dock, this particular version of Padfone comes with a 9 inch dock. The large screen on the front is expected to come with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and will have all the additional features as its previous generations. This means the user gets an extended battery too, which can come in handy especially when travelling without a charger. Other features of the dock include front facing speakers and HD audio.

Another highlight of the device is its latest connectivity features like 4G LTE. So, the user can use the same LTE connection as the Padfone on the tablet dock, that too without any additional tethering charges. Further, as the brains of the overall system lies with the smartphone, all the apps, documents and other data on the phone is directly available on the large 9 inch screen. So, users don’t have to transfer anything.

While most of the specifications of the device are known by now, AT&T is yet to announce the device officially. So, users interested in the device will have to wait a few weeks more until the network announces details like pricing and availability.

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