Asus mocks Apple saying you can have 6 Zenfones for the price of One iPhone

Asus mocks Apple saying you can have 6 Zenfones for the price of One iPhoneApple unveiled two iPhones earlier this week at its Cupertino event and like earlier rumors said both the devices are much bigger than any of its previous generations. In fact, the largest iPhone till a few days back was the 4 inch iPhone 5S, which was considerably smaller than most of the flagship devices we have seen from major manufacturers in the last few years.

Apple has finally caught up; however, many of the manufacturers are using this opportunity to mock the company. We already saw HTC as well as OnePlus comment on the new launch recently and now, Asus is the latest manufacturer to mock the new iPhones.

While Apple devices are well built and offers a great user experience, all of this comes at a premium price tag. Not many can afford its devices and Asus took this fact into consideration to have a go at Apple’s new launch.

On its Facebook page, the company uploaded a picture with the tag line “The best 6 is the one everyone can have”. On the left there were six red zenfones and on the right there was a single apple. The message was simple; you could buy 6 of the company’s zenfones for the price of a single Apple device.

While it may not be fair to compare the cheapest Zenfone device with the costliest Apple device, the picture does remind us that we have to pay a lot to get Apple’s latest iPhone. The iPhone 6 is available for pre-order at $649 while the larger 5.5 inch version costs $749. On the other hand, the cheapest Asus Zenfone is available for purchase for just over $100. So you could literally have 6 Zenfones for your entire family at the price of one iPhone 6.

The company’s lineup has a number of options including a 5 inch version with specs similar to the iPhone 6. So, Asus is reminding us all that its Zenfone lineup offers much value for money than the new iPhone.

However, Asus isn’t the only company having a go at the new launch from Apple. HTC took a dig at Apple by welcoming the company to the big screen party. OnePlus took to twitter to welcome Apple to the Plus family. Also, as expected Samsung too joined the party with a parody ad mocking the new iPhone and iWatch.

Take a look at the new parody advertisement from Samsung shown below.

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