Asus Gamebox Controller leaked, could this be for the Nexus box?

Last month, AnTuTu test website revealed some information about a possible gaming console called Gamebox from Asus. Today, there are some more details about the device, along with a picture of the upcoming controller for the console. So, unlike earlier predictions where analysts thought that the Gamebox would support third party controllers, this new picture reveals what Asus has in store for the market.

The new controller comes with dual joysticks and a set of arrow keys for direction. On the right, there are lettered buttons namely X, Y, A and B and in the center there are start, select and home buttons. On top of both sides, there are trigger buttons to shoot. The controller connects via Bluetooth 3.0 and is expected to house a 420 mAh battery which can run for around 12 hours on a single charge.

The design of this new controller is quite similar to PS3’s dual shock 3. In fact, if both controllers are kept side by side, they look almost identical. The lettered keys are on the right, the arrows keys on left, special buttons in between and joystick on both the sides just like the Dual Shock 3 controller. So, it would be interesting to see what extra features this controller will come with to distinguish itself from Sony’s dual shock model.

While today’s leak just reveals details about the controller, a month back the upcoming console, known as Gamebox was seen on AnTuTu’s benchmark results. The test result showed that Gamebox would come with a Tegra 4 processor, ideal for gaming, along with 2GB RAM. There would be 8GB internal memory on board, which may be expandable. It is also said that the device would run Android 4.3 on launch, but it’s quite likely that Asus may upgrade it to Android 4.4.

This news further adds fire to the speculation of a console from Google. Given that Asus has been the company’s partner for devices like Nexus 7 for the past few years; it won’t be surprising to see both the companies work together for a new console. Also, Google bought Green Throttle Games yesterday, which will most likely grant them the required patents for the technology to work.

Asus calls its console as Gamebox while the rumored TV box from Google is called Nexus box. So, if both the companies are working together on a single console, then it’s most likely that the device will be called Nexus Gamebox. It could come with features like a traditional TV box alongside its ability to support Android games.

However, these are just speculations and hence, only a formal announcement from any of these companies will make this news official.

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