Asiana Airlines offers an Initial Payout of $10,000 to each Surviving Passenger of San Francisco Crash

Asiana Airlines offers an Initial Payout of $10000Asiana Airlines announced recently that each of the 288 surviving passengers of flight 214 will be issued an entitled $10,000 payment while investigations are still underway.

The Asiana Boeing Co. 777 that crashed in San Francisco on Saturday July 6th marks the first serious crash in the United States since 2009. Asiana Airlines spokeswoman Lee Hyo Min announced on Sunday that each of the 288 surviving passengers will receive an initial payout of $10,000 dollars. This is designated to cover transportation and hospital costs for each passenger.

While the families of those passengers that died during the crash are receiving more than the $10,000 payout, Lee stated that the possibility for more compensation for surviving passengers may come after the initial investigation into the accident has given the airline more information.

The Asiana Airline company stands to receive even more losses long term, as Lee stated that passengers are still legally allowed to sue the airline even after the $10,000 compensation is paid. Therefore the company is seeking receipts for the payout rather than concerning themselves with an agreement. In addition shares into the Seoul trading have fallen 2% to 4,530 won which is the company’s lowest share price since April of 2010.

Reports thus far into the crash show the Asiana Boeing Co. 777 striking a seawall just after landing in San Francisco international airport. More detailed coverage shows that the aircraft touched down tail first short of the runway slamming through a seawall and shearing off a portion of its tail section. Passengers told reporters that the plane was rattling wildly just before touching down.

The area was cluttered with debris as the plane continued to break apart sliding down the runway. Finally coming to a rest, passengers scrambled to exit the aircraft which was at that point in flames. The evacuation was further panicked as only four slides on the left side of the plane actually deployed to free passengers from the wreck.

Though the Boeing crash has won the company over $20 million won or $18 million, the incident has already predicted by several analysts that the airlines will suffer losses for the year. In addition, investigations into the cause of its crash are still underway as the reason the flight touched down in this manner is still unknown.  After more information is presented, the company may in turn offer more to each surviving passenger in compensation for losses.

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