’s Ivy Ross to head Google Glass's Ivy Ross to head Google GlassIt’s been two long years since Google Glass was revealed but this next generation wearable device is still not available to purchase for the masses. However, that may change in the coming months as Google is shuffling a lot of people within the Google Glass Team which may mean that the company is preparing to make the device available to anyone.

According to a report, Ivy Ross, the’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is going to head Google Glass team starting May 19. Although she comes from a non-tech background, she has extensive experience in marketing and has been a part of the design and marketing team of well-known brands like Calvin Klien, the Gap, Disney, Coach, Swatch and Mattel. Her experience could help Google improve the image of Google Glass in the minds of the consumers.

According to TechCrunch, she was the Vice President of Design and development for the Outlook Eyewear in Bausch & Lomb. So, her experience in the eye wear industry could definitely help Google market its Glass product. She could change the perception of Glass from a nerdy gadget to a new fashion trend before it’s made available to the consumers.

Google Glass has received mixed reviews in the past. Many Glass users as well as the common public are concerned about their privacy and the company would have to dispel these concerns in order to successfully launch the product in the market. Many restaurants in the past have banned Google Glass, which clearly shows that the market is yet to accept this gadget completely.

However, there’s no doubt that Google Glass is an innovative product. While the common public may take some time to get used to seeing Google Glass explorers in the real world, that doesn’t make it any less of a tech product. Users can carry on with their everyday lives with the help of glass as they don’t have to look down to check their smartphones every once in a while. The small display on Glass will show everything that a user needs, which actually makes it a great device for work. In fact, many doctors are already using Glass during operations and treatment, which shows the potential of the device.

Price is another thing that Ivy Ross will have to think about. The $1,500 figure is still a very hefty price to pay for a tech product and not everyone is willing to pay this amount to get their hands on one. So, pricing would be an essential factor which affects the success of the device.

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