Apple’s September 9 event: What to Expect

Apple's September 9 event: What to ExpectSeptember 9th is the day when we’ll finally see the new iPhone. However, there’s still 24 hours left, so let’s look at what we can expect from the “Wish We Could Say More” event.

Experts predict big announcements from the Cupertino giant tomorrow, with two new iPhones as well as a wearable. There’s even a new rumor which states that the company will launch a new iPad, probably the larger 12.9 inch version at the event, but that’s less likely. However, we are pretty sure of the other three announcements, thanks to the numerous leaks and reports that have cropped up on the internet in the past few months.

iPhone 6


You may have already heard that Apple is planning to release two new iPhone variants this fall, one with a 4.7 inch display and the other with a much larger 5.5 inch one. As you can see, both the devices are larger than any of the 4 inch previous generations, which means large screen lovers are in for a treat.

While previous rumors said that both the devices will come with Sapphire screens, experts like Ming Chi Kuo say that Apple may skip sapphire in this year’s iPhone. So, we may have to wait for a few more months before seeing a sapphire screen iPhone.

The same analyst added that iPhone 6 could come with 128GB internal storage along with barometer and pulmonary sensors. Apple may also improve the Touch ID and incorporate OIS camera on their new phones.

Recent rumors say Apple’s 5.5 inch iPhone may only be available in limited quantities and may even launch later than the 4.7 inch one. So, you might have some trouble getting your hands on the larger model.

Apple has not yet revealed anything about their new device(s), but given the kind of preparations that we are seeing from the company, we expect the next generation to be somewhat revolutionary.



Along with the next iPhone, Apple is also expected to release its first wearable in the market, the new iWatch. The company has not yet revealed anything about the device and we don’t even know whether it will be called as the iWatch.

But analysts suggest that there will be two different versions of the wearable, one with a 1.3 inch display and the other with a 1.5 inch one. Both will have OLED curved screens, probably with sapphire glass protection and will be able to measure the user’s heart rate, steps and many other fitness related metrics.

There will be 8GB internal memory along with 512MB RAM onboard. Reports also say iWatch will come in different color options.



While we are not quite sure whether we’ll see the new iPad at the event, we are not ruling out that possibility. If Apple does not plan to keep a separate launch for the new iPad, it’s quite logical to announce the device alongside its most expected products.

If we see a new iPad at the event, it will probably be the larger 12.9 inch one according to Apple Insider. The large iPad is expected to come with a new Touch ID sensor and a gold color option.

We don’t have to wait too long to know whether these rumors/reports turn out to be true. Apple will host the event at the Flint Center in California tomorrow at 10 am Pacific Time.


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