Apple’s new Mac Pro CPU hits 30,000 in Geekbench test scores

Apple's new Mac Pro CPU hits 30000 in Geekbench test scoresIt was disappointing back in June when the new Mac Pro CPU was benchmarked at 23,901 on Geekbench, with many industry experts saying the new Apple Mac Pro would hit over 30,000 in its tests.

The 12-core Xeon E5-2697 is definitely one of the most powerful CPUs on the market and questions were raised as to why the Mac Pro hit such a low Geekbench score, the beta OS Mavericks could be taken into consideration and the 32-bit system would lower the pace down a little.

Now Tom’s Hardware is back and has shown what the Mac Pro can really achieve with the 12-core CPU, running the same speed on a Windows machine, the Geekbench score clocked over 30,000 easily, a 25% increase on previous Mac Pro performance.

We will also see 60GB of RAM, exceptional breakthroughs in the GPU speed and obviously the size factor. Apple has made a new thermal core inside the circular computer, allowing air to be pushed to the top of the device.

The Mac Pro is an odd machine; Apple has put tremendous amounts of effort into making the size of the premium computer compact and actually mobile. Unlike the previous Mac Pro, that took about two-thirds of the desk space.

With this huge weight loss, some big tech heads believe Apple is focusing on making sure the Mac Pro is compact instead of fitting it with insanely fast components to make it the fastest and most powerful computer on the planet.

The big question is how well it will run, with all the impressive components we doubt there is anything the user can throw at the Mac Pro it will not able to take, but will the system overheat because of this, that will be down to the engineering team’s diligence when developing the new Mac Pro.

Apple has not announced when the Mac Pro will come to enthusiasts and professionals and has not announced how much the premium computer will sell for, we can expect it in the thousands, analysts give the new Mac Pro a $2,999 price tag.

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