Apple’s new headphones may feature heart rate and blood pressure monitors

Apple's new headphones may feature heart rate and blood pressure monitorsAs more and more manufacturers are entering the wearable industry, several rumors suggest that Apple too is preparing for its entry into this segment with its iWatch.

While there have been many speculations as well as leaks in the past about this device, a new leak suggest that Apple is looking to integrate heart rate and blood pressure monitoring sensors onto its next version of headphones for iOS devices.

Apple EarPods with Special Sensors

The leak comes directly from the Secret app which provides a platform to users to reveal information anonymously. The post on secret says that Apples first foray into the wearables market would be via this next generation headphones with a number of sensors to collect data about a user’s health. It is said that it would Apple iBeacon feature too, so users can track the device even if it’s lost.

These special headphones would then connect to the nearby iOS device via its lightening port and will transfer them onto the device. The information on the device is stored in a way similar to the thumbprint point data and hence, it’s fully encrypted and secured. However, users can send these data to the doctor for checking the health of the individual. This data would particularly come in handy for patients with diseases as doctors can know the exact time when the blood pressure increased or decreased.

This leak could actually be true as earlier rumors suggested that iOS 8 would focus on health of the user and it would also feature a special app called healthbook which collected data about the user’s health. So, the headphones could connect with this app to display the important details to the user.

Using Secret to Reveal Information 

Many anonymous users have leaked important information about devices as well as changes in a company via this app. This is because; Secret provides them a secure platform where they can reveal important information without giving away their identity.

Recently, an anonymous user said that Nike was going to fire its wearable division. And a few days after this post, the company confirmed the news by shutting down its FuelBand Wearable division. There have been many other instances too where confidential information which were leaked earlier on the app turned out to be true. Hence, it’s quite possible that this news too may be true.

These special Apple headphones could connect with millions of Apple devices with the lightening port and hence, this might actually be a smart move by the company. Given that most of the devices are announced in September, new Apple headphones too could be announced around that period.

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