Apple Watch Saves Teen’s Life – And Gets Him An Internship With Apple

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Paul Houle Jr. on the field for Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts.

While the Apple Watch may have been under fire since its launch, it seems like one high school senior is grateful he purchased his. In early September, Paul Houle Jr. from Cape Cod, Mass., bought himself an Apple Watch with the money he had earned from his summer job.

A few days later, the purchase he made turned out to be a lifesaving decision. Paul shares that after two football practices in a day, he began experiencing back and chest pain and noticed that his Apple Watch showed that his heart rate had shot up to 145 from the normal 60 to 70.

Thinking that his heart rate would normalize after resting, Paul decided to take a nap but still woke up to a heart rate of 145. This prompted him to seek medical attention and Paul ultimately ended up in the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a condition called Rhadbdomyolysis.

This occurs when muscles break down, flooding the body’s system with protein thus affecting several organs. In Paul’s case, he had already shown signs of kidney, liver and heart damage.

According to Paul’s father, Dr. Paul Houle, a neurosurgeon from Centerville, Mass., “If it wasn’t for the Apple Watch to alert him to the fact that there was a problem, he probably would have just gone back to bed. He would have showed up for practice the next day and would have been one of the kids you read about every fall, who drops dead on the football field.”

Dr. Paul Houle went on to say that, “The damage to his muscles would have led to kidney problems, which would have led to electrolight disturbance in his system and caused his heart to fail.”

Paul spent several days in the hospital before returning to school. While he still hasn’t returned to playing football, he shares that Apple CEO Tim Cook had called and offered him an internship at Apple and a new phone.

Photo source: NBC News


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