Apple Watch Sales May Have Declined By Up To 90% Since Launch


For the initial few months, Apple’s first wearable, the Apple Watch was selling pretty well according to reports. However, latest data from market research company, Slice Intelligence states that the company’s wearable sales could have plunged by around 90 percent since its launch.

The company revealed some sales statistics about the Apple Watch sales from April to June along with a graph showing a steep decline in demand. According to the company, at the initial stage, there were about 40,000 sales per day. However, in the last few weeks, particularly around late June, this figure has declined to just 5000 per day. This marks a 90 percent decline in the daily sales of the Apple wearable.

The company reportedly sold around 1.5 million smartwatches in the opening weekend. From that around two thirds were for the entry level Apple Watch Sport edition. Less than 2,000 customers have bought the Apple Watch Gold Edition which costs $10,000.

So, it’s not surprising to see that the sales have been declining. However, the data from Slice Intelligence doesn’t show the whole picture. The company reportedly analyzes the shopping patterns of about 2.5 million users. The e-mail receipts from these buyers are analyzed to make such a report.

Another criticism lies in the fact that majority of the data gathered by the company seems to come from third party sellers. For example, Apple Insider reports that the company data on Fitbit wearable sales were mostly from sellers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target. So, it looks like the data comes from a number of such customers who rely on such retailers. However, these sellers don’t sell Apple Watch and majority of the initial buyers could have been enthusiasts who would have bought directly from the Apple online stores.

The data gathered is restricted to US only buyers which is yet another issue with the stats provided by the company. However, Apple’s products are known to sell pretty well in countries such as China, whose data has not been taken into account to draw this report. As a result, despite the steep decline shown by the data from Slice Intelligence, the actual figures could be better. The company is expected to sell anywhere from 15 million to 20 million Apple Watches in 2015 alone. Gartner expects total wearable sales in the year to be around 40 million which shows that Apple is still doing much better than competitors who have been in the market for the past couple of years.

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