Apple Store Shooting Video Shows Chaotic Scene In New York

Source: ABC News

Recently, a surveillance video of panicking mall-goers in Crossgates Mall in Albany was just released. Nobody was hurt during the incident and a suspect has been identified for the shooting. Investigations are ongoing if the suspect is guilty or not.

According to ABC News, the Albany District Attorney’s Office released a video showing the clip of scurrying shoppers. Apparently, the shoppers inside the Apple Store ran away in fear as they heard gunshots inside the mall. A large crowd can be seen compressing themselves under tables and moved away from the scene as fast as they could. Even though the event looked dire, the incident didn’t have any casualties, though blood was found at the crime scene.

The suspect for the shooting was an Albany local named Tasheem Maeweather, 20. A witness claims that Maeweather was seen inside the mall and shooting a gun inside the mall. However, Maeweather’s lawyer said that his client was in the Crossgates mall during the incident but is completely unrelated to the event. Authorities confirmed that Maeweather was still in probation as he had an ankle monitor during the incident. The investigation didn’t find the gun used for the incident.

So far, the suspect had a record of three acquitted cases: attempted murder, attempted assault, and weapons possession. On the other hand, district attorney P. David Soares said in a news release that Maeweather will be tried as he endangered the safety of many people in a public space. “This defendant violated our sense of safety and has left a traumatic and indelible memory for those who were present that day,” said Soares

For now, we’ll have to wait for Maeweather’s trial to know if he’s guilty or even connected to the mall shooting case at all. If proven guilty, the suspect will be imprisoned for 3 and a half to 7 years for first-degree reckless endangerment for causing this incident.

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