Apple still the top OEM in US followed by Samsung and LG

Apple still the top OEM in US followed by Samsung and LGComScore, the analytics and data company recently revealed the key trends in the smartphone industry in US for the month of May. The results of the data are not that surprising and Apple still ranks as the top manufacturer in the country like before.

According to the report released by the company, over 169 million people owned smartphones in the country in May. Of these, Apple came out on top as the OEM with the largest market share. Its share increased by 0.6 points from 41.3% in February to 41.9% in May. Apple was followed by Samsung at 27.8%, which was 0.8$ higher than two months back.

At the third and the fourth positions are LG and Motorola respectively, at 6.5% and 6.3% respectively. One important thing to note here is that, the market share of LG fell in the past two months by 0.3 points.
Motorola’s share remained the same as before. Finally, at the fifth position is HTC with 5.1% share.

Coming to the operating system market share, Android is on the top of the table with 52.1%. Apple bags the second place with 41.9% share, up from 41.3% two months back. Microsoft’s share remained the same as February at 3.4%. Both Blackberry and Symbian are losing ground and stand at 2.3% and 0.1% respectively. This is not surprising given that Blackberry has been struggling for the past two years to capture the market with its BB10 smartphones. As for Symbian, with no Nokia Mobile in the picture, it’s quite likely that the OS is dead.

Finally, moving on to the top smartphone apps for May 2014, Facebook bagged the first spot with a substantial 76.4% reach. In the second spot was Google Play app, which was way behind Facebook at 51.8%. Play is followed by YouTube mobile app and Google Search.  Both the apps are quite popular on Android and iOS and stand at 51.7% and 49.2% respectively.

Not far behind is Pandora Radio, which is the only app from a non-major tech company which makes it within the top 10 list. Moreover, it has a market reach of 47.6%, which shows how popular the app is among Android and iOS users. Pandora Radio is followed by two Google apps namely Google Maps and Gmail. Then at 8th place is Instagram which is followed by Yahoo Stocks, Facebook messenger and Yahoo Weather Widget. Apple Maps, Twitter, Google+ and finally iTunes Radio bag the 12-15 positions on the table in the order mentioned above.

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