Apple may resort to solar powered batteries for its upcoming smartwatch

Apple may finally have a solution to its battery problem as the NY Times report that the company is looking into the possibility of using solar powered batteries to power up their upcoming smartwatch.

Last year, there were several reports that said Apple was facing problems with the production of its smartwatch, aka the iWatch. One of the major concerns was the battery life of the device, which in fact is a problem with most other smartwatches currently in the market.

But with the likely adoption of solar powered batteries, this particular problem may indeed be solved. According to the sources of NYT, Apple is looking to cover the display with a layer of solar panels which will charge up the battery when exposed to sunlight. So, the user will be able to charge the device whenever he or she gets out of the house or office.

The report from NYT further explains on the possibility of incorporating induction based charging, also known as wireless charging on the device. However, both these technologies are currently in the testing stages only and it may actually take several years, if not more to ship a product having these two technologies.

Apart from wireless charging and solar powered batteries, Apple may also resort to motion based charging for its watch. The company has already patented the technology back in 2009, so it’s quite likely that it may use it in the smartwatch. Motion based Kinect charging uses external motions to charge up the device. For example, simple actions like swinging one’s arm while walking may start up a charging unit which juices up the device.

The Sunday’s report also states that the company’s efforts towards a smarter battery like a solar powered one have failed many times. For example, the story cites the words of Tony Fadell, one of the fathers of the iPod, who said that Apple failed many times trying to make a smarter battery.

In this regard, Apple has hired many experts, like battery engineers from renowned companies like Tesla and Toyota. And finally, the company is seeing some progress which may further speed up the production of the device.

Apart from the details on the battery, the report also adds that iWatch may feature a curved glass display and a sophisticated processor. Other than that, hardware details remain thin.

Many analysts like Jeff Kagan believe that Apple will introduce the iWatch sometime around March this year and will make it available only after several months after its announcement like the first iPhone.

According to Investors Business Daily, iWatch is already in production, so if everything else is on schedule, Apple may finally announce it later this year. However, the first version may not feature the above mentioned solar powered batteries.

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