Apple may kill off iPad 2 in the near future

After nearly three years of successful run, iPad 2 will most likely fade away from the market in the near future. According to sources of Apple insider, this particular tablet will be killed off by Apple favoring the recently released iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display.

iPad 2 (without the retina display) has been one of the bestselling tablets of the company till date. Even its successors like the iPad with Retina or the iPad 3 could not match the popularity of this second generation model. This was mainly because of the discounted price at which it was offered (around $300). Customers who were not willing to spend around $400 to $500 on the latest model naturally went for this one, as it had the same charm and the looks of its elder siblings. Even the A5 processor that it came with performed well for most of the tasks.

So, it was only natural that Apple kept this model in production for almost three years. However, it looks like finally the company is planning to kill of the model. Last year, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicted that Apple would ship only about 0.3 million of iPad 2 which hinted that the company was planning to stop its production eventually. And now with this new report, there’s a very high chance that this might happen soon.

Apple’s decision to keep this particular model in the market has surprised many analysts and experts. However, the only possible answer to this perplexing question is that iPad 2 was still generating enough profits for the company. And this can be possible too as the model featured old specs which generally would not cost too much to produce. Hence, selling iPad 2 at $300 was more profitable to the company than selling any other model.

But looks like people now prefer the new iPad Mini with the retina display instead of the iPad 2. Its compact form factor along with the better and higher resolution display is starting to attract customers which probably will force Apple to stop producing this three year old model.

However, this report is not yet confirmed by Apple. And until Apple releases an official statement, this particular model would continue to sell in the market. So, those who are planning to buy an iPad this spring can choose between the iPad 2, iPad with Retina (for the same $399 price tag) and of course, the iPad Air.


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