Apple may discontinue the iPod lineup

Apple’s iPod lineup has seen declining sales since 2009 and many experts are suggesting that the end of this iconic product is near.

Apple iPod was one of the revolutionary products of its age. The first iPod, the iPod classic was launched way back in 2001 with 5GB storage onboard. And over the course of the past 12 years, the company has made over 26 additions to the lineup. iPod was considered as the best MP3 player of the age, even better than the decade old Sony Walkman’s because of its iconic design and the innovative click and scroll wheel. Even artists and record labels liked the new iTunes store for the device as it allowed users to legally download their music on to the player. Indeed, as many analysts say, the product changed the whole MP3 player industry.

However, things started to change after the launch of the first iPhone. Steve Jobs, the founder of the company even called it as the best iPod ever made. iPhone could do all the things that the iPod did, with plenty of additional functions like calling. This made iPods obsolete. All those who wanted to hear good quality music would no longer stick with the iPod but buy an iPhone because it gave them additional functions. And with more and more users shifting to iPhone for their music needs, iPod sales started to decline.

Over the past few years, the sales of the device have declined drastically. This quarter, when the iPhone and the iPad made record sales of over 51 million and 26 million respectively, the iPod could only make around 6 million sales. This means the iPod fell down by a shocking 52 percent as compared to its last year’s sales figure of over 12 million units.

Even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook accepts this fact as he said in the conference call during the quarterly result announcement, “I think all of us have known for some time that iPod is a declining business”.

The company has not made any significant updates to the lineup in a year and taking heed to the words of the CEO, the company may not release one in the coming years. However neglecting a product need not mean scrapping it completely as experts suggest that Apple may keep the existing iPods up for sale. In spite of the declining sales, iPods are still the best selling Mp3 players in the market and even generates around a million in revenue for the company.

So, even if the product isn’t scrapped completely, the company may not update it in the future.

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