Apple iWatch likely to feature a heart attack sensor

Even though Apple has not yet revealed anything about a wearable device, several reports have come up in the past few weeks which state that the company is busy developing one for release within a short period. Today, one such report has surfaced the web which states that Apple’s to be announced wearable, also known as the iWatch may have a heart attack monitor.

This report comes at a time when rumors suggest that the company’s wearable would focus on a user’s health. Hence, if Apple releases such a device in the future, it’s quite likely that it would come with something revolutionary as this feature.

The report further adds that Apple has a different approach to heart rate monitoring and sensing heart attacks. The iWatch would feature sensors which would listen to the sound of the blood flowing through the arteries of the user. With the help of these sensors, the smart watch would be able to tell the difference between good flow of blood and uneven flow, which can lead to heart attacks.

According to the sources, Tomlinson Holman, the founder of THX and 10.2 Surround Sound is behind this project, helping the company integrate this technology into its smart watch. He was hired way back in 2011, and at that time everyone assumed it was to improve the audio on the iPhones and iPads. But it looks like Apple had something more important for him like the developing its iWatch.

Listening to the sound of the flow of blood would help the smart watch detect problems like Coronary heart disease. But that doesn’t stop there. With such a technology, the watch would be able to help the user identify deeper problems, helping him diagnose a disease before it becomes fatal. Further, earlier rumors say that the company could also integrate oxygen level monitors within the smart watch, which would truly make it a revolutionary product in the market.

Although these ideas seem too good to be true, the company may actually incorporate such technology into its future wearable. Earlier, rumors have suggested about the next major version of iOS being health oriented and it is known that the company has also approached FDA to develop health oriented apps.

All this clearly points out that the company is planning something big in the health care sector and a device like iWatch with such advanced sensors for quick diagnosis would be the perfect candidate for the company.

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