Apple iPhone 5S and 5C designs leaked again

iPhone 5S leakedThe iPhone 5S and 5C have been leaked again, this time from previously accurate Vietnamese website Tinthe, who seem to get early views on everything coming out of Cupertino’s factories.

Even though Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has already stated the true innovations from the company will come next year, we are still hoping Apple will bring something to the market that will wow both consumers and shareholders. The iPhone 5S and 5C do not look set to do that and in these new leaks we see Apple sticking to its guns, again.

The iPhone 5S will come with a dual-LED flash as spotted on the photo, rumors say the phone will have a 12MP camera, instead of the 8MP currently on the iPhone 5. Apple changed the camera spec on the iPhone 4S and they may do it again.

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C


iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S


Other changes are minimal and Apple will stick with the same display for the iPhone 5S. The retina display is getting a little old and cannot compete with the top 1080p screens from HTC and LG. iOS7 will come pre-loaded on the iPhone 5S, as expected considering it will probably be released on the same date as iOS7.

The iPhone 5C looks the same as previous leaks; Apple is preparing to bring a cheap version of the iPhone to developing countries, in order to boost iOS’ appeal against cheap Android and BlackBerry devices. This is a good move by Apple to gain traction in other countries, but may not bode well for the culture at Apple, where every device needs to be made to the highest quality.

Apple will launch the iPhone 5C at the same time as the iPhone 5S. We are still unsure if Apple will launch both phones in all countries or sell the iPhone 5S in certain high-tier countries and the iPhone 5C in low-tier countries. This could be a good move, but may annoy people in low-tier countries with disposable income.

Either way, there is no real innovation here, it seems Apple is going to make sure the iPhone 6 and other products coming out in 2014 are the reason to stick with the company. Apple will still do incredibly well with the new iPhones, we can see them selling in the multi-millions worldwide, but we are expecting a drop in overall pace of sales.

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