Apple iPad Pro launch could be delayed to next year

Apple iPad Pro launch could be delayed to next yearIf you thought that Apple would announce the long rumored iPad Pro, aka the 12.9 inch iPad at the October 16th event, then you are probably wrong. The latest report from Wall Street Journal states that the production of this large screen device has been delayed till next year.

WSJ‘s sources with Apple’s supply chain say that the device is still in the works but the production will start only by next year. This directly contradicts earlier reports which said that Apple would unveil the new large screen tablet at this month’s event and that its production would start at least by December this year.

While we would have loved to see a large screen iPad in the next few months, it is said that the company is having trouble keeping up with the demand of the existing iPhones. So, it actually doesn’t make sense for the manufacturer to shift some of its resources for producing another large screen device like the iPad Pro.

So even though the initial plan was to speed up the production by December, now it’s delayed to the middle of next year. As a result, you may have to wait for a few more months before you can get some more information about this new product.

This news is actually not that surprising as Apple is finding it difficult to manufacturer enough iPhones to keep up with the demand. The production of the larger 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus is particularly slow which means it’s taking a long time for orders to be shipped for the device.

Now that the rumored 12.9 inch iPad is out of the picture, the company will probably release some new iMacs as well as the next generation iPads. There are some reports floating around about the new iPads featuring a touch ID sensor. So, we may find the new iPad Air as well as the iPad Mini Retina with this fingerprint sensor.

The company could also unveil a 27 inch iMac with retina display and 5K resolution along with OS X Yosemite, the company’s next generation operating system for Macs. Apple showed off the OS back at its WWDC 2014 and hence, we expect the company to make the OS available to download immediately after this event.

Another possible launch would be the recently revealed Apple Pay feature which allows users to pay via their iPhones.

So, even if the October 16th event is smaller than last month’s event, we can expect many new announcements from the company. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

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