Apple Invading Samsung Territory In South Korea

Apple to invade Samsun country – South Korea. Photo Credit: Twitter/THEBRANDAGE

Apple is reportedly putting up its first retail store in Seoul, South Korea.  This, after Samsung recalled all Galaxy Note 7 phones.  Sources reveal that Apple is now looking for plausible locations to put up shop in Seoul.  And, it seems, that they will likely put it up in the upscale Gangnam neighborhood.  But, it is not confirmed as of reporting.

An Apple spokesperson said that the opening of their first Apple retail store in Korea excites them.  He added that Korea is one of the world’s economic centers and a leader in telecommunications and technology.  Apple’s website listed some available jobs on their website, too.  It included a Store Leader, Senior Manager, and a gig right at the Genius Bar.

Apple’s plans for South Korea revealed

Apple confessed that they are hiring a team that will offer the best service, education and entertainment to its Seoul customers, reports the CNN Tech.  However, they did not reveal the exact date of when the store operates and its location.  

The news about Apple expanding in Seoul came out when Samsung made a global recall of its Galaxy Note 7.  The recall amounted to about 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets, that have the risk of exploding due to a battery defect.  Apple’s presence in Korea will be a tough one, despite this fallout, as Samsung is one of Korea’s largest family-owned businesses, according to International Business Times.

Apple has since been trying to expand its empire in Asia, with a lot of hits and misses.  It has been a lifelong dream of the iPhone 7 maker to penetrate the high-end smartphone market.  It has done so in China and India.  Now, it is about to dominate South Korea.  Samsung currently dominates the global market by 21 %, while Apple only has 12.5%.  We’ll see soon enough who wins the battle in the smartphone market.  

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