Apple Inc’s Online Store Tops List of Retailers with Best Password Security Practices

Surely, it is everyone’s responsibility to create and maintain secure passwords in their online accounts. But the Websites should also do their part in making sure password security is shored up for the benefit of their members and customers.

Password management services firm Dashlane has recently released results of its survey that cover popular e-commerce sites’ security practices—the quarterly Personal Data Security Roundup. Not surprisingly, the poll results showed that Apple Inc’s online retail site is so far the best in terms of password security. The technology firm was the only one that attained the perfect score among all retailers. It was followed in the list by the online sites of Newegg, Chegg, Microsoft Corp, and Target.

If there were good companies that practice safer password management of members, logically, some firms are considered the worst. According to the same study, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Karmaloop, and have the worst scores. Retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, and Toys R Us did not fare better as well.

The quarterly survey

Dashlane’s poll rated up to 100 Websites through 24 various criteria. Those qualifiers include rejection of weak passwords, blocking of failed login attempts, and displaying of password-strength meter. The password management company recommends locking of accounts after four incorrect attempts to login to an account. It also calls for adoption of rules for minimal password security and provision of on-screen suggestions to help users select safer and better passwords.

It reiterated that most of the time, users choose simple passwords that are easier to remember and figure out. However, a few Websites prevent users from setting commonly used passwords. The survey found that 55% of online sites accept very weak passwords like ‘password,’ ‘123456,’ and ‘111111.’ Up to 70% of the covered sites allow users to set ‘abc123’ as password.

Poll results

The study also found that up to 62% of Websites do not require their users to choose passwords that use both letters and numbers. Up to 73% of the sites approve passwords that are less than six characters long, while 61% of the Websites don’t even advise their members or users to create stronger passwords during their sign-in processes.

About 93% of the Websites do not provide meters to detect strength of passwords in their sign-up pages. Such meters indicate if a user is setting a password that is weak, moderate, or


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