Apple Inc Silently Rolls Out iOS 7.0.3 that Fixes iMessage Problem

Apple Inc Rolls Out iOS 7.0.3Apple Inc made noise once again when it launched its new iPads and MacBook Pro last Tuesday (October 22). But shortly after the Cupertino event, the technology giant opted to quietly roll out the third update of its iOS 7.

The company has released iOS 7.0.3, which was designed to fix a specific glitch with iMessage. This is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated and awaited patches for the new mobile operating system. That is because many users were disappointed when the problem was not addressed in the first two iOS 7 updates.

Since iOS 7 was rolled out in September 18, numerous users from all around the world have been complaining about how they experience difficulty sending iMessages to many other users of the app. They have noticed that their messages are either not sent or are automatically converted into SMS, which consumes monthly text allotments.

Earlier this month, there were speculations that Apple would finally roll out a fix to the iMessage issue. The update was finally released after the recent launch event.

More than iMessage fix

Release notes for the new update indicated that iOS 7.0.3 addresses issues regarding failure to send messages via iMessage. It also comes with a patch to fix a bug, which prevents the app from activating.

However, iOS 7.0.3 is not all about fixing the iMessage glitch. Interestingly, it also comes with additional features. One of which is the iCloud Keychain that facilitates storage of account names, credit card data, and passwords of users across iOS devices. That would make it easier and faster to sign in, make online purchases, or perform many other types of transactions. It should also be noted that Keychain is not new to Apple users as it has been available through OS X for quite some time now.

Other features

The update also comes with Password Generator. This is ideal for users of the Safari. The browser could now suggest unique and uneasy passwords so you could always feel safe and secured.

Additionally, iOS 7.0.3 enhances the reduce motion setting. It has been integrated into the program because it simply minimizes motion and animation. It also addresses the lock screen password issues, which were already fixed in its predecessor, the iOS 7.0.2. That update before it fixes complaints whereon the Lock screen mode is bypassed to compromise overall security.

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