Apple Inc rolls out Apple Store iOS app for iPad

Apple Inc Rolls Out Apple Store iOS App for iPadIn anticipation of another busy holiday season, Apple Inc has launched an Apple Store app version specifically for iPad. The new iOS app was especially designed for the popular tablet. It would facilitate better shopping experience when using the Apple Online Store in iPad.

Many observers think this is another effort by the company to improve potential for most of its money-making businesses. It would enable online shoppers to find the accessories and devices they need without leaving the comfort of their homes and without dropping by traditional stores.

For quite some time, the opportunity to research, buy products, and personalize products has been enjoyed by iPhone users. This time, Apple is extending that experience to users who use the larger screen of iPads. It describes the new app as an Apple Online Store designed ‘like never before.’

App for iPad

In the product description, Apple Online Store for iPad is designed to enable users to explore and appreciate image galleries in high resolution, check out latest accessories and products, and do more tasks through a few taps on the screen.

The new iPad app would help users locate Apple Retail Stores near them. Of course, users could expect to be able to monitor product availability as well as set pickups in stores. They could also sign up for more events and workshops and even facilitate Genius Bar reservations online.

More other features

Apple Online Store for iPad has a top menu that provides access to the company’s popular products and accessories like iPhone, iPad, Mac, covers, and cases. It also comes with an optimized search option, useful settings, and easy access to the online shopping cart.

The navigation bar has more tools but it may hide itself why you use the iPad for browsing. Swiping down from top to bottom would unhide or reveal the navigation bar. The layout is also more effective and is obviously more streamlined for better viewing and exploration of the app.

The Apple Store for iPad is now available as a downloadable app through iTunes Store. Of course, it is distributed for free. The app is compatible with iPad that operate on iOS7. Thus, if your iPad is yet to upgrade to the latest system, you should do so now so you could enjoy the better online shopping experience brought about by the app.

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