Apple Inc Reportedly Considers Replacing Google as Default Search Engine in Safari

Apple Inc Reportedly Considers Replacing Google as Default Search Engine in SafariThere is a possibility that soon, Google would cease to be the default search engine on the Safari browser. According to well-placed sources, Apple Inc is considering replacing the search engine with either Yahoo or Microsoft’s Bing.

The giant technology firm has reportedly started separate discussions with Yahoo Inc and Microsoft for a possible deal. This speculation comes as the existing agreement between Apple and Google expires in 2015. With just several days before the end of the year, it comes as no surprise that such reports emerge.

For the time being, all involved parties refuse to talk about such speculations. But if some other sources would be believed, Apple is not yet finalizing a short list. There are reports that it is also in discussion with startup search engine DuckDuckGo. It may even tie up with other search engines in different markets globally. Many observers would not be surprised if Apple makes an unexpected decision.

History of ditching Google

If Google would be displaced in Safari, it would not be the first time that its product is displaced on iOS devices. In 2012, Apple created controversy when it suddenly dropped Google Maps from its built-in apps and replaced it with its mapping application. It also ceased pre-loading YouTube app on its smartphones and slates.

To many analysts, it comes more as a surprise that iOS still has Google as its default search engine. Currently, when a user types any query into the designated URL bar on Safari, the search automatically proceeds to Google. But it should be noted that Siri and the new Spotlight search app already taps Bing for support.

Opportunity for Yahoo

For Yahoo, this could be another opportunity to score some points against Google in terms of search engine service. Just recently, the company has announced that it would soon replace Google as the default search engine on Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has always been vocal about her intention to make Yahoo the new search engine on iOS. In the 1990s, Yahoo was the popular search engine when Internet was still very young. It was easily and quickly eclipsed by Google in the 2000s.

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