Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) introduces new iPhones

Apple Inc NASDAQ AAPL introduces new iPhonesApple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has introduced its new iPhone, the iPhone 5s. While retaining the dimensions as well as the design of the iPhone 5 that was released last year, the new version has a faster processor with an improved camera and new features. One new addition is called Touch ID; enabling the owner to keep his or her phone secure using their fingerprint.

The long awaited cheaper version of the smartphone was also released, known as the iPhone 5c. It features a plastic backing and comes in multiple colors. It was an unusual move for Apple to introduce two iPhone models at once. Many experts believe Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 5c with a price tag of $99 is a way of keeping up with the competition. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) offers several inexpensive Androids that have been giving the iPhones a run for the money. The cheaper version is believed to keep them Apple in the competitive realm.

However, some believe the $99 phone is too expensive. After the unsubsidized price tag of $549 was posted on Apple’s site, the stock sold off. After the price held at around $500 throughout the presentation, the stock fell to $489.50 before recovering to close at $494.64. Apple shares have improved somewhat lately, gaining 25 percent since the start of July with rumors about the new iPhones as well as quarterly results that have shown improvement.

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What is different about the iPhone 5S?

Many people wonder how the iPhone 5S is different from the iPhone 5. The new version has an A7 chip that has processing power comparable to what rival computers were purchasing in recent years. This is the first time a 64-bit chip has been put in a phone, making what Apple has referred to as “a huge leap forward in mobile computing performance.” This means the newer version is twice as fast as the iPhone 5, and can produce graphics at twice the speed.

Another change is the iSight camera, which has new features including a sensor that is 15 percent larger than the standard iPhone 5 and a new f2.2 lens. The flash has a two-tone option. The phone is more secure with Touch ID, which is a fingerprint reader that allows the phone to read your fingerprint rather than you swiping the screen with your finger to unlock it. It features the M7 motion control co-processor which enables the phone to pick up more accurate information and helps with health and physical fitness applications.

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