Apple Inc Hints another iOS 7 Update to Fix Random Shutdowns of Devices

Apple Inc Hints another iOS 7 Update to Fix Random ShutdownsApple Inc has disclosed that there is another upcoming update to iOS 7 that would fix random shutdowns of several iPhones and iPads. The technology firm said it would release a new software upgrade to eliminate a bug that occasionally leads the home screen to a crash.

This could finally be the answer to numerous complaints from Apple device users about this persistent problem. It could be recalled that before the release of iOS 7 in September, many users were already reporting abrupt shutting down of their iPhones even if their battery power is still in the double digits.

In several complaints, iPhones automatically turned off even when the battery was still within the range of 18% to 36%. In other rare cases, the device turned down even if there was still 85% to 90% battery power left. Thus, many users asserted that through several updates in the last several months, the only things that have changed are the versions of the updates.

Affected iOS devices

The problem does not seem to be limited to a particular Apple device. In the forum for Apple users, some users reported shutdowns in their new iPhone 5S units. In other cases, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S were involved. What was interesting in some cases was that the phone could not be turned on immediately after shutting down. The user had to patiently wait for the handset to turn back on by itself.

Even Apple’s popular tablet, iPad, is not spared from the issue. There were also reported cases of automatic shutting down of iPad 3 units even if the battery is still far from getting drained. There is no specified report yet involving earlier iPad versions.

Recent releases of iOS 7 updates

Apple is yet to make another announcement about the exact release date of the new iOS 7 update. However, last January 20 (Monday), the company has already launched the fourth beta version of iOS 7.1. Sources claim that it would only take a while before a formal release is set.

iOS 7 has already undergone several updates since its launch in September. In fact, its first update was immediately released just a few days after the operating system’s launch date. The first update fixed a bug that prevents users from taking advantage of the finger scanning home button.

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