Apple Inc Files Patent for Making Curved Touch Surfaces

Apple Inc Files Patent for Making Curved Touch SurfacesIs Apple Inc planning to make iOS devices with curved displays? That is implied by the latest patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It was for efficient manufacturing of curved touch surfaces.

In the US Patent No. 8,603,574, the technology firm provided details on the manufacturing technique that it is using for creating accurate, effective, and curved touch surfaces. The company asserted that the design may not come without any deficiency that may be caused by deformation and substrate warping.

Details of the patent

The claims in the patent may cover proper use of this technology especially in touch pads, touch mice, and other gadgets. The company also noted that the present technologies in making touch panel stacks up containing thin-film conductors. Those also don’t easily work with desired thinness of both the thin film and the substrate.

It is also possible that the patented curved touch screen technology may be used in Apple devices in the future. As of now, the possibilities point to the direction of the rumored iWatch wearable device from the company. If Apple decides to do so, that action may intensify competition in the smart watch market especially when curved glass panel is used as it could better fit into user’s wrist.

Using the patent

It is not yet clear if Apple would use the new patent and the methods filed in making any specific consumer product in the future. However, many analysts take note that curved displays may seem to be popular these days. But it should be noted that the patented technique is unique compared to the techniques used in current curved gadgets.

Competitors like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have overtaken Apple in releasing curved screens. For Samsung, this style is well implemented in its popular curved model device that is called Galaxy Round. Moreover, for LG, it has to be the LG G Flex.

It should also be noted that not all technologies that were filed before the Patent Office necessarily materialize. For Apple alone, the company has filed numerous patents in the past that did not actually translated into new devices. It could be that the company eventually realized that it would not benefit from using the patented technologies. It is also possible that the firm is just filing patents so that the new techniques would not be used by rivals in making gadgets or devices.

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