Apple Inc Displaces Coca-Cola as Top Global Brand This Year

Apple Inc Displaces Coca-Cola as Top Global Brand This YearNot surprisingly, Apple Inc has replaced Coca-Cola as the No. 1 global brand for 2013. This is based on the latest annual list of most valuable global brands by Interbrand Corp. The soft drink maker was toppled after holding the top spot in the rankings for 13 years in a row.

Apple, which is known as the manufacturer of popular products iPhone and iPad, had its brand value increase by 28% to $98.3 billion. The New York-based consultancy firm said Apple has numerous fans, as indicated by the recent historic launch of its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

The technology firm has proven that its internal brand remains steady under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook. After the launch of two new iPhones this month, consumers anticipate another innovative product launch soon, which could possibly be iWatch or another unexpected product. The company has weathered the many challenges it had faced this year like the legal patent battle against Samsung, e-book price fixing issues, and alleged unfair employment practices in China of its supplier Foxconn.

Analyzing the list

Coca-Cola’s ranking dropped to No. 3 as its value grew to $79.2 billion. The second spot on the list went to Google Inc, which generated a brand valuation of $93.3 billion, up 34% from last year. On the fourth spot was IBM with a $78.8 billion valuation, while Microsoft Corp was valued at $59.5 billion, making it land on the fifth spot.

Last year, these five companies also dominated the top 5 of the list, but in a different order. For 2012, Coca-Cola was at No. 1, followed by Apple. At No. 3 last year was IBM, while Google was at No. 4 and Microsoft at No. 5.

Completing the top 10 brands on the annual list this year were the following companies (in order): conglomerate GE, fast-food chain McDonalds, electronics firm Samsung Electronics, chipmaker Intel, and car manufacturer Toyota. Interestingly, six out of 10 companies in the list were tech firms.

About Interbrand’s list

Interbrand’s annual list for the most valuable global firms started in 2000. Its rankings include companies that meet specific requirements. First, the brands must generate at least 30% of revenues from outside their home region. Second, those must have operations in at least three continents. Lastly, those brands must enjoy wide geographic coverage especially in emerging markets.

The list is based on companies’ financial performance. It also assesses brands’ influence in customers’ choices and ability to require premium pricing for more secured earnings.

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